Become an Advocate

Become an Advocate for Community Connections Services

A community advocate is someone who stands up for those who are vulnerable in there communities and demand quality services. Local councillors can be reached if you exercise your right for your voice to be heard. We need a network of local community activists to help us fight for:

  • Better policies in your communities
  • Improving local service delivery
  • Access to local community centres
  • Security

We need help to get the word out about critical issues affecting your local community. We can help raise awareness, increase community network, work with local activists and fundraising.

 How Do I Advocate for My Local Community?

There are a lot of ways to be an advocate.

Add Your Voice Forum Network

Visit our add your voice forum network register and become a member. Add your voice forum network is the basis of our advocacy strategy. It provides new topics and new headlines in your local community. Its also a good platform to start a group activism.

  • Send pre-written letters to your local councillors
  • Get contact information for your local community and local representatives.
  • Get tips on scheduling meetings, writing letters or making phone calls to policy-makers.
  • Add Your Voice
  • Sign up to receive action alerts so you know when local events are taking part near your community.
  • Email your friends, family and local councillors to join add your voice forum network.
  • Ask your friends and family members to submit their experiences on there community.
  • Find local newspapers to write to about add your voice forum.
  • Email petitions

Who Can I Contact About Advocacy?

Do you have advocacy-related questions or comments? Do you need help using the add your voice forum network? Contact: for help.