About Us

We focus on people. . . ensuring safety, as well as support healthy lives, families, and communities.


Community connections services is a non-profit organization, voluntary network and add your voice forum. Community connections services values honesty, integrity, open communication, and the pursuit of excellence.

UK Voluntary Network and Volunteering Abroad

We aim to change the perception of our local communities and care for those who are in need of help when they need it the most. Community connections services is committed to volunteering all throughout the UK and abroad to make a difference.

Add Your Voice Forum

Community connections services advocates for human rights on environmental issues, social and health issues, child and family issues, justice for disabled people, homeless people, poverty and humanitarian efforts. Our forum is to engage youthful communities and adults in schools, colleges, universities, nursing homes, local community centres, workshops and live events. Powerful guest speakers such as human rights activists, local councillors, local communities, local business owners, doctors, psychologists and social workers are invited to these forums.

We volunteer nationwide UK for better community services:

  • Aging and long-term care support volunteering
  • Environmental cleaning services
  • Homelessness and care support volunteering
  • Behavioural health services
  • Child and family support volunteering
  • Juvenile and rehabilitation
  • Helping refugees and asylum seekers
  • Healthy homes, schools and communities
  • Supporting community parks and playgrounds
  • Supporting local community centres for good causes
  • Social and employment assistance for those with developmental disabilities

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